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Udaan Painting Competition on Independence Day 2009

The painting competition was organized by Association for India’s Development- Delhi and Gurgaon chapters at Projects Aashayein, Disha, Jaagriti and Unnati. More than 160 Children, in age group of 4-14 years, had participated in the competition.  

At Aashayein, the children were divided into senior and junior groups. The senior batch was given water colours to paint with while the smaller children were given crayons. It was interesting to see their imagination in action. The judges were from the volunteers. One of them Srishti is also the President of Film and Photography in Kirorimal College at Delhi University. 

At Project Jaagriti also, in Sector-13- Dwarka (New Delhi), the Children were very excited and pleased to see the prizes to be awarded to winners. Lal Qila, India Gate, Kites, all were there on the drawing sheets in all possible colors. And most rewarding were the smiles on their faces, the spirit to outdo all others and take that prize home. While talking to kids during the painting competition, a volunteer just jokingly asked a few of them – “Who is going to win 1st prize?” The unanimous answer was -- “Me.”  

At Project Disha and Unnati, the kids were given the freedom to draw anything they wanted and they were too happy to do so. We wanted them to unleash their creativity and paint their imagination and dreams. And the kids did not let us down one bit! While one of them drew a bright multicoloured dolphin, another came up with a beautiful garden decorating it with vivid lifelike flowers. Some kids even drew the national flag without mistaking the order of colours or the position of the Ashoka chakra. This showed that they acknowledged the importance of the day. While the kids let their creative juices flow, we captured the lovely moments in our cameras. Almost all the kids came up with flying colours and it was really difficult to select the winners!  

Winners at Project Aashayein 

Junior Group :
1) Manu- 1st prize 
2) Abhishek- 2nd prize 
3) Chandni- 3rd prize 
Senior Group :

1) Pooja- 1st prize 
2) Pinky- 2nd prize 
3) A special prize was given to Rehan for his creativity. 

Winners at Project Jaagriti :

  1. Prince Kumar- 1st Prize
  2. Chandra Nisha- 2nd Prize
  3. Kavita- 3rd Prize

Winners at Projects Disha and Unnati :


  1. Bina- 1st
  2. Mofidul- 2nd
  3. Shourya Pul-3rd


  1. Rakhi- 1st
  2. Nisha- 2nd
  3. Amina- 3rd

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